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  'Myotherapy is the assessment, treatment and prevention of muscular pain and dysfunction.'    


Sue Mickelburough is the owner of MyoRevive Muscle Therapies and the Primary Therapist.  

Sue graduated as a Myotherapist in 2008.  Beginning her career in Hawthorn working alongside other modalities such as Chiropractors, Dieticians, Pyschologists and Kinesologists has given her a solid foundation of working within a multi disciplinary practice and how different natural therapies can work together to bring wellbeing and pain relief to our patients that entrust their health to us.  

Even though Sue has treated many conditions from back and hip pain, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder to pregnancy and relaxation, she has found a particular interest in Stress related pain, Neck pain and Headache treatments

When designing the Logo to represent MyoRevive alot of thought was given to the colors and symbols.  The blue in our symbol is associated with health & healing therefore being beneficial to the mind and body in producing a calming effect.  Our corresponding color of orange was chosen as it is associated with warmth, increased energy levels and muscle health. Alongside these colors and completing our logo is the Lotus flower encompassing the hands, in eastern culture this associates with knowledge and the healing power of touch. All these elements combined represents MyoRevive Muscle Therapies and what we endeavour to bring to our patients. 

"Prevention is better than cure" so we look forward to treating you in the near future.




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